وکیل جرایم سایبری


Stay safe in middle of this Chaos and NEGATIVITY



- Discipline yourself and your life.


-No violence at all: Agree to lose, stay away from

conflict and argument and fight.


-Stay away from negative and violent films and pictures and pornography. Look to relaxing and beautiful views and pictures.


-Stay away from bars, dark allies, bad places.

These places are full of negative energies.


-No fear, no anger.

Remember there is no need for fear or anger.

Be relaxed and let good divine energy work through you.


-Work on your feelings and try to use them on your decisions.

First start with your 5 senses.

Make them more sensitive and strong.


-Drink a cup(or 2 cups) of Chamomile tea everyday.



-Use Lavender, oil or soap or tea. Put fresh or dry Lavender

in your main chakras everyday for few minutes.


-For 30 days do forgiveness prayer (2 rakat namaz or get on your knees and ask for forgiveness).


- Read loudly few lines of your religious book everyday.


-Blow love to your enemies or to people who want to hurt you.

(I know it's not easy but do it for your own safety).


-Be vegetarian or avoid only meat

(Broth or cheese or milk are fine).

Or at least have meet just once a week.

Meat blocks receiving positive energy's canals.


-No judgment, no controls of people.

Let them be as they are. No need to make them like you want.

Everyone is special.

I know it's hard but try at least.


- No jealousy (specially for women).

Jealousy is very dark destroying energy.



-Do silent fasting,at least for few hours a week or a day.

(be silent, don't talk just listen).